New song – Perfectly Still

We just found another great demo from the End of You archives and we think it’s cool enough to release it here on our website.

Perfectly Still

Dream, it’s alright
Through open mind
Your strongest beliefs
Will drive both us down

We will learn there’s time for everything
We will go back time for truth
We will ride so far to see again
We will ride until were done

Flying wild
Never touching the ground
Worlds collide
Once they were mine
Lost and found
Ashes to the ground
Riding to the sun
Nowhere to run
You know it won’t take too long

Song written and arranged by Johnny Borodavkin and Jami Pietilä. Lyrics by Jami Pietilä.

We hope you folks enjoy it and it would be nice to hear your comments here or in our facebook page!

3 thoughts on “New song – Perfectly Still”

  1. (traductor)

    Bueno no hablo ingles asi que si lo traducen mejor jaja, son muy buenos me gusta mucho su musica sigan para adelante con este buen estilo ! nunca pierdan eso que formaron con el primer disco que es muy bueno!, saludos amigos desde mexico y uruguay 🙂

  2. It’s been a while since the Remains of the day 4/5 years and nothing about a 4th álbum. You should work in that guys. Aside from Mimesis (doesn’t mean that i don’t like it but i think it’s weaker aside Unreal and Remains Of The Day). I noticed from the last year you have put some good demo songs that i didn’t knew, You should make a compilation with those cause i would love to have it in my collection.
    When i first noticed your band was in 2005 and i heard a lot your old demo Walking with no one, and i never imagined that demo one day would be converted in a full-lenght álbum. So don’t make the same mistake like Charon did about finishing the project. Continue the good work and i hope in two years End Of You on studio with another brutal álbum.

    Cheeres and Rock N Roll from Portugal

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