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The band’s rise has been the result of consistent hard work since Mr. Pietilä first met some of the bands current members Mr. Lehtinen (bass) and Mr. Karppanen (guitars) in Helsinki back in the days. After adding Mr. Keijonen to drums and Mr. Borodavkin to electronic department, End Of You was formed in 2004. They played their first show in Semifinal Club, Helsinki and were soon building a local fan base and also gathering lots of fans thru the internet. After just a few months of composing and gigging, the band had their first big break in early 2005, when Sami Tenetz got a copy of the highly acclaimed “Walking With No One”-demo. He was instantly struck by their talent and songs, and he immediately signed the band to the label, widely known as Spinefarm Records.


Upon the release of their debut album, “UNREAL”, in the beginning of 2006, the music community began to buzz and took immediate notice of songs and the band itself. The debut album gathered lots of killer reviews and much anticipated “Tour De Silencio” was roaming around the Finland throughout the 2006 keeping the rock clubs and dance floors busy!


In 2008, after two years and hundreds of hours of work it only took one listen to “MIMESIS” to see the depth of the band’s growth in the past couple years. Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, The 69 Eyes, Apocalyptica), the music had taken on a richer, deeper, more intense and sophisticated direction, without loosing any of the melodies and killer grooves that had been bands trademark from the very beginning.

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